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The Progress in Physics of Applied Materials is a peer reviewed biannual journal of high quality providing an international medium open-access for publishing experimental and theoretical papers on materials with wide varieties of applications by Semnan University press which was founded in 2021. The experimental scope of the journal includes the synthesis, growth, processing, and characterization of new materials for improving their electrical, optical, dielectric, and magnetic properties. Theoretical and analytical papers are also within the scope of the journal. The journal also publishes review articles, both short and specific or long and general, within the scope of the journal. The papers should contain extensive and novel experimental and theoretical works with rigorous analysis and sound interpretation.  Interdisciplinary articles are also welcome. 


Dr. & Mrs. F.S. Razavi Fellowship

"Today, it is our pleasure to announce the Fellowship given by Dr. & Mrs. F.S. Razavi to the board of Progress in Physics of Applied Materials (PPAM). Prof. Dr. Razavi, a respected member of PPAM along with his esteemed wife, Mrs. F.S. Razavi are donating a Fellowship, to be called the "Dr. & Mrs. F.S. Razavi Fellowship". This Fellowship is to be divided amongst the first twenty-four papers published in PPAM on the end of its second anniversary.

PPAM is expressing its gratitude to Prof. Dr. Razavi and his wife for their decision to donate this Fellowship. We appreciate that this Fellowship will help PPAM to receive excellent manuscripts in its initial activity phase. Dr. & Mrs. F.S. Razavi will be donating this Fellowship for the next two years in support of articles depending on the merit of the articles published by PPAM. It is also stipulated that the two "best" articles published selected by the Board of PPAM, at their annual meeting, shall be paid double the amount given to the rest of the published papers."


Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1 - Serial Number 2, June 2022 

Electron Gas Hardness of Individual Carbon Nanotubes

Pages 27-34


mohamad mansouri; Hamid Rezagholipour Dizaji; Mohammad Reza Saeidi; Majid Vaezzadeh

Cerium doped Tungsten-Based Compounds for Thermoluminescence Application

Pages 35-40


Sanaz Alamdari; Maryam Haji Ebrahimi; Omid Mirzaee; Majid Jafar Tafreshi; Mohammad Hosein Majlesara; Mohammad Tajali; Morteza Sasani Ghamsari; Aghil Mohammadi

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