Author = Reza Zarei Moghadam
Design and fabrication of multi-layers antireflection coating consisting of MgF2 and SiO2

Volume 3, Issue 2, December 2023, Pages 141-146


Hassan Salmaniannezhad; Hossein Salmaniannezhad; Reza Zarei Moghadam; Mohammadreza Khani; Mahdi Ardani; Babak Shokri

Oxygen and nitrogen doped diamond-like carbon thin films: A comparative study

Volume 2, Issue 2, December 2022, Pages 139-146


Reza Zarei Moghadam; Mahdiyeh Taherkhani

Fabrication of multi-layer antireflection coating consisting of ZnS and MgF2

Volume 1, Issue 1, December 2021, Pages 7-13


Reza Zarei Moghadam; Amir Hosein Omrany; Mahdiyeh Taherkhani; Fatemeh Shokrian