Light propagation and optical filtering properties of one dimensional Pascal plasma photonic multilayers

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Physics, Qom University of Technology, Qom, Iran


We numerically study the propagation of electromagnetic waves in Pascal plasma photonic crystals. For this purpose, the transfer matrix method is used. This method is based on defining multiple matrices for moving waves in interfaces and layers. Other methods such as finite difference time range can also be used, but are more suitable for higher-dimensional photonic crystals. We investigate the effect of dielectric layer refractive index, plasma electron density, total system length, wavelength angle, and the number of photon crystal layers on the transfer coefficient. A pseudo-code to create the Pascal multilayer is also presented. Finally, we describe the properties of the photonic bandgap, including position and width, because the parameters mentioned are different. We showed that as the refractive index n1 increases, the position of the gaps alternates redshifted and blueshifted (ie, decreasing and increasing the frequency and energy of the photon). Also, with increasing the refractive index n1, the width of the gaps decreased and increased. As the collision angle θ0 grew, the transmission edge blueshifted.


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