Numerical study of influences of the input current frequency on the induction heating process

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1 Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Bu-Ali Sina University

2 Physics Department, Bu-Ali Sina University


In this article, the effect of input current frequency on the induction heating process was investigated using a numerical method. We used a 2D finite element method (FlexPDE package) to solve the governing equations in combination with the boundary conditions. The obtained computational results show that this parameter has a great effect on the spatial distribution and the amount of heat produced in different parts of the induction heating system. For all workpiece thicknesses, the amount of heat generated in the workpiece and the RF coil decreases with increasing frequency. Also, changes in driving frequency can shift the location of the maximum point of energy production along the outer surface of the workpiece sidewall. In low frequencies, the maximum amount of heat is located at the middle portions of the outer surface of the workpiece wall, and by frequency increasing, it is shifted toward the two corners of the workpiece surface. These results will help us to select a proper frequency range for different applications of induction heating during material processing.


Volume 1, Issue 1 - Serial Number 1
December 2021
Pages 44-49
  • Receive Date: 16 June 2021
  • Revise Date: 28 August 2021
  • Accept Date: 11 September 2021
  • First Publish Date: 03 October 2021